The Latest SEO Strategies

This year’s SEO practices have changed a big deal. New updates, new trends and new strategies have come up in 2016’s world of search engine optimization. This has seen many companies offering SEO services in London change the way they approach the process of increasing the visibility of websites to search engines for businesses. Here are the new ways in which these companies are now tackling SEO;

1.They Provide SEO with Mobile Traffic In Mind

Four years ago, SEO analysts predicted that mobile traffic would surpass desktop traffic in future, and their predication turned out to be correct. Today, Google wants every website to be designed in a mobile-friendly manner. This is because the company has discovered that more searches are now done on mobile devices than on desktop.

A good number of top-notch companies providing SEO now include mobile search engine optimization as part of their primary focus. This ensures that your website is able to provide the best user experience for both mobile and desktop visitors. It’s a fairly new trend seen in not so many companies.

2. They Perform Optimization for Other Search Engines

2016 could be the year when other search engines besides Google begin to gain more popularity among search engine users. At least some recent developments seem to suggest this.

First, Firefox did drop Google for Yahoo as their default search engine a few months ago.

Second, Google’s deal has also come to an end with Safari, leaving an empty slot for both Yahoo and Bing to occupy.

Third, both OS X and iOS 8 users now have the option to switch default search engines from Google to DuckDuckGo.

What does this tell you? It tells you that other search engines are slowly becoming a major force to be reckoned with in the search engine realm.

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3. They Have Switched Focus from Keyword Rankings to Return On Investment (ROI) Metrics

Not so long ago, every agency providing SEO would put an emphasis on keyword rankings and determine the success of a SEO campaign based on keyword positions. This does not seem to be the case nowadays as many companies now do not perform web optimization using trending keywords that exist in a niche market. Instead they optimize websites using metrics that result in more links, more conversions and more revenue.

4. They Now Focus Towards Earning Links As Opposed To Building Links

No more building of links on irrelevant blogs and competing for large quantities of links. Search engine companies have made a number of updates and algorithm changes, making bulk link building not quite an effective method for generating traffic. It’s now more valuable to earn only a few links on a couple of good and relevant websites than numerous links on totally irrelevant website. These SEO companies now put more emphasis on how to help you earn quality links as opposed to building links.


As you can see, SEO London agencies have significantly adjusted their SEO strategies for their clients based on numerous factors. They gear all these new efforts towards attracting more traffic to their clients’ websites. SEO agencies such as AV Solutions Central actually give priority to Google when it comes to search engine optimization in London.

See their very recent Tumblr blog post on the Google Penguin Update here:  The AV Solutions Central Location is based in Central London and they specialise in helping businesses with SEO.


Benefits of Business News

Major local and international new channels usually a have business segment to inform their viewers what is happening in the business world. Just like any other news, business news is very important because it affects our daily lives directly. Below are business news benefits.

1. It helps us know the current state of the economy as well as future projections

One main benefit of watching business news is because it usually analyze the current state of the economy as well as what to expect in future. They usually bring expert in various business fields to come and shade some light to the public on how the economy is performing.

2. It informs us on what is happening on the business world 

There are so many things that usually happened in the business world. Some of this things can only be known only by watching business news. This include news on securities, shares, bonds among many others.

3. They share successful business stories that inspires us

Besides giving us crucial information on what is happening in business world, business news also shows successful stories of entrepreneurs who defied all odds to become influential business personalities. Such stories help to inspire young entrepreneurs.